How to Create an Engineer's Estimate

Last updated: 2018-11-01

Here is a list of tasks that designers should follow to create their engineer’s estimate and the associated proposal for PSE submittal.

This task list was designed for the designer to ensure they complete all the steps required within AWP Preconstruction to create an accurate proposal that will be submitted during the award and letting process. Correct field data entry is a must to ensure the data is passed correctly to the department’s PeopleSoft and to the AASHTOWare Project Construction Administration System (CAS) at contract initialization.

An overview of the organization of an engineer's estimate

  1. Introduction to an Estimate - This is an excellent starting point for new designers or as a refresher for those who haven't created an engineer's estimate recently.

Creating an Estimate in Estimator (optional)

  1. Estimator Licensing, Installation, and Configuration - For design consultants to aid with the configuration of Estimator if their company opts to license this application.
  2. Exporting a Project from Preconstruction to Estimator - If the designer chooses to use Estimator to enter category and item information, this section explains how to export the project from Preconstruction and import into Estimator.
  3. Creating an Estimate in Estimator - How to use Estimator.
  4. Importing an Estimate into Preconstruction - How to export a project from Estimator and import into Preconstruction.

Creating or Revising an Estimate in Preconstruction

  1. Changing the Project Summary
  2. Adding or Editing Counties
  3. Adding or Editing Regions
  4. Adding or Editing Points
  5. Adding or Editing Categories
  6. Adding or Editing Road Segments
  7. Adding or Editing Structure Segments (if applicable)
  8. Adding or Editing Items
  9. Project Funding
  10. Project Validation
  11. Generating the Preliminary Project Detail Estimate Report

Creating a Proposal Estimate for PSE

  1. Creating the Proposal
  2. Adding Proposal Time
  3. Creating the Proposal Section
  4. Proposal Report Generation and Review
  5. Proposal Validation
  6. Setting the Workflow Phase Prior to PSE Submittal