Proposal Validation

Last updated: 2018-11-01

Designers MUST validate their proposal before it can be submitted. Correct any errors that are identified and validate the proposal again. The warnings, generated during the validation process, do not stop further processing. This process validates for AWP Preconstruction system requirements BUT not WisDOT requirements.

  1. Click the Proposal Summary component actions button and select "Validate Proposal. The following information is validated when you select this option.
    • The proposal has a primary county.
    • The proposal has at least one associated project.
    • A proposal time record is identified as the Main Time.
    • Proposal items exist for the proposal.
    • All proposal items have a quantity.
      • Blank, null are not valid.
      • 0 is a warning.
    • All proposal items have a price.
      • Blank, null are not valid.
      • 0 is a warning.
    • Unit prices do not fall outside the boundaries of the minimum or maximum value held in the Unit Price Comparison field whenever multiple projects containing items with minimum or maximum bid requirements but with different Unit Price Comparison values are added to the same proposal.
    • All proposal items are assigned to a section (needed for Expedite).

  2. After validating the proposal, print a screen shot of the validation report and send it in at the time of the PSE submittal with the rest of the documents.
    • Right click on the validation window.
    • Select "Print"
    • Select a printer. An Adobe PDF printer or CutePDF Writer are recommended as this will save the print out in PDF format so it can be attached to the PSE documentation.

Requirement: The system project validation does not check the integrity of the data entered. It is up to the designer to follow the instructions provided on this web site and the guidance found in the proposal, project, category, and item data field tables.

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