Setting the WisDOT Workflow to the Project Definition Phase

Last updated: 2018-11-01

Designers need to check and ensure the project is set to the correct WisDOT Workflow Phase as soon as they begin working on a project in AASHTOWare Preconstruction. This is done to control project access and for reporting purposes.

  1. From the Project Summary component, select the Workflow tab.

  2. Select the Workflow.
    "WisDOT Workflow for Preconstruction and Construction"

  3. Select the Workflow Phase.
    "Project Definition: Project/categories/funding created in FIIPS. LET prjs imported from FIIPS. Non-LET prjs (LFA, PBM, EM) entered into Precon. Designer creates/imports/updates estimate, associates project, creates "C" proposal and sets to PSE phase."

  4. Click <Save>.


Go to Adding or Editing Counties, the next step underCreating an Estimate in Preconstruction.