Generating the Preliminary Proposal Detail Estimate Report

Last updated: 2018-11-01

The Preliminary Proposal Detail Estimate report is required documentation for PSE submittal. Complete these steps to print this report.

Info: Reports related to proposals must be generated and printed under the Proposal Summary component.

  1. Click the Proposal Summary component action button and select "Preliminary Proposal Detail Estimate".

  2. On Generate Report screen 3 of 5, the required report options are checked by default. Make any necessary changes and go to screen 4.
    1. Cover page – General proposal information
    2. Proposal Detail Estimate Cost Summary – Cost summary for the project
    3. Proposal Detail Cost Estimate – Item level funding report for the project
    4. Proposal Detail Estimate Funding Summary – Funding allocation report for the project. Compare the funding data from this portion of the report to FIIPS to ensure it is correct.
    5. Include E and C Percentage – The E&C percentage appears on the report.
    6. Other report options may be selected (Same information as b. and d. summarized in a different manner). Designer should select what works best for their needs.
      1. Proposal Detail Estimate Funding Summary by Fund
      2. Proposal Detail Estimate Funding Summary by Unit
      3. Include Pricing Comments report – This report will display up to 256 characters of the pricing comments imported from Estimator.

  3. On Generate Report screen 4 of 5, review the following default options making changes as deemed necessary.
    1. Output type – Generate as PDF OR Download as PDF
    2. Report Layout Source – Select "Custom" to use the custom WisDOT template for this report.
    3. Select the right arrow to go to screen 5.

  4. On Generate Report screen 5 of 5, designers have the option to "Enable Scheduling". Refer to Generating Reports for details on how to schedule a report to print at a later time.

  5. After determining whether to schedule the report or run immediately, click <Execute> to continue. The Preliminary Proposal Detail Estimate report will open up in a new browser window. The proposal level Preliminary Detail Estimate is one of the documents included in the eSubmit process. See FDM 19-10-1 for instructions on the eSubmit process.

Preliminary Proposal Detail Estimate report example

Go to Generating the Proposal Price Schedule Report, the next step under Creating a Proposal for PSE Submittal.