Adding or Editing Structure Segments

Last updated: 2020-04-30

A structure segment describes all or a portion of a bridge, culvert, or other structure. A structure segment is identified by the structure ID, structure type, length, width, and number of spans.

  • A structure segment is required for every category that is not a road segment category. To add a road segment, go to Adding or Editing Road Segments.
  • Every category MUST be associated to either a structure segment OR road segment.
  • A category can only be associated to one structure segment or road segment.
  1. Select the Structure Segments tab to add or edit a bridge or culvert for the project.

  2. To add an additional structure segment, click <New>. Structure segments may be created to identify sections of a bridge or culvert or an entire bridge or culvert, if they are associated to a separate category.

  3. To edit an existing structure segment, expand the row.

  4. Complete the required fields below for each structure segment record associated to a category. Refer to the Project Summary Data Fields table for additional guidance entering these field.

  5. Click <Save>.

Tip: If you have a category that has multiple structures, consider separating the structures into their own categories. Then each structure can be associated to its own structure segment. Please work with the Project Manager or the region FIIPS coordinator to recommend and make this type of change.

Required Fields Required Data Entry
Structure ID Enter the proposed structure ID
Example: B-23-0136 or C-17-0029
Description Enter the Category ID AND Category Description that this structure or culvert is part of in mixed case.
Note: If the description field displays “Imported”, the project was imported from AASHTOWare Project Proposal and Estimates System (PES). Update this field to reflect the category ID and description.
Structure Type Select from the drop-down list.
Length (feet) Enter the length in feet only for the structure, not the approach. Length is defined as end of deck to end of deck as shown on the structure plan, top edge of paving notch to top edge of paving notch, or outside to outside of box culvert on the roadway reference line.
Note: It is very important to enter the CORRECT UNIT OF MEASURE.
Width (feet) Enter the width in feet only for the structure, not the approach. Width is defined as the clear width as shown on the structure plan.
Note: It is very important to enter the CORRECT UNIT OF MEASURE.
Number of Spans Enter number of spans for a bridge or number of cells for a box culvert.
Category ID Select the corresponding category ID from the drop-down list.

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