Changing the Proposal Workflow Phase for PSE Submittal

Last updated: 2018-11-01

Designers will change the proposal workflow to the PSE phase when they have completed the creation and validation of the proposal. This will change the proposal and any associated project(s) to the PSE phase so the plan reviewers can begin their review process. This is done to control project access and for reporting purposes.

Tips: Once the PSE workflow phase is set, designers will have read only access to their proposal and the associated project(s).


When the proposal is ready for PSE submittal, complete the steps below:

  1. From the Proposal Summary component, select the Workflow tab.

  2. Select the Workflow.
    "WisDOT Workflow for Preconstruction and Construction"

  3. Select the Workflow Phase.
    "PSE: Review projects and proposal (Plan Reviewers); Assign correct proposal number and re-associate projects (Domabyl); When plan review process is complete; Set to Advertisement Phase (Goebel)."

  4. Click <Save>.

Info: The Proposal Management Section will copy the designer's proposal and enumerate the final bid proposal number (e.g., 20180710013). They will disassociate the projects from the user created proposal number “CXXXX-XX-XX” and assign them to the final bid proposal number. Typically, new proposal numbers are created about 12 weeks prior to the letting date.

Bid proposal number format:
YYYYMMDDXXX where YYYYMMDD is the letting date and XXX is the call order number.
Example: 20180710013