PSE Pre-Submittal Tasks for Designers

Last updated: 2018-11-01

This provides designers with a final task list to review their engineer’s estimate prior to submitting their proposal for PSE. This task list was designed for the designer to confirm that they have accurately completed all the required fields within AWP Preconstruction for reporting purposes during the award and letting process. This ensures that the data is passed correctly to the department’s PeopleSoft and to the AASHTOWare Project Construction Administration System (CAS) at contract initialization.

  1. Review the Project to ensure all required fields are entered correctly.
  2. Review the Categories to ensure all required fields are entered correctly.
  3. Ensure there is a Primary Road Segment and all other Road Segments are associated to a category.
  4. Ensure all structure categories have a Structure Segment (if applicable).
  5. Review all Items to ensure all the required fields are entered correctly and accurately (quantity, price, etc.)
  6. Review Project Funding:
  7. Validate the project.
  8. Generate the Preliminary Project Detail Estimate Report
  9. Review the Proposal.
  10. Check the Proposal Time entries for accuracy.
  11. Create the Proposal Section.
  12. Proposal report generation and review:
  13. Validate the proposal.
  14. Set the Workflow Phase to PSE to prepare for PSE submittal.