Adding Projects (manual process)

Last updated: 2019-09-16

Typically, all projects are loaded into the system from the FIIPS import process. On occasion, projects may not be in the system yet. Designers can add a project using FIIPS data and this manual process.

  1. On the Project Overview component, select the Project Overview component action button. Select "Add" to add a project to the database.

  2. The Add Project component will appear. Complete ALL the required fields on the screen on the Add Project component using the field tool tips or the Project Summary Data Fields Table for guidance. The data entered MUST match the project information in the Financial Integrated Improvement Programming System (FIIPS) with the exception of case. All data entry will be in mixed case (upper and lower letters). If you do not have access to FIIPS, contact your project panager for the FIIPs information for your project(s).
    Click <Save>.

  3. When the project opens in the Project Summary component, select the Workflow tab. Designers MUST set the WisDOT Workflow Phase for the new project to “Project Definition”. Click <Save>.

Info: Follow the steps under Creating an Estimate in Preconstruction to add other project related data including county, region, points, categories, road segments, structure segments, items, and funding.