Proposal Item Pricing

Last updated: 2018-11-01

The Price Proposal Items component allows designers, pre-PSE, to change the estimated unit price for any proposal item. Designers can manually change the price of a single item, or can generate a price based on historical bids. Designers can also generate bid-based prices for all items in the proposal or all items in a section at once.

Warning: If items are added, designers MUST auto generate sections again by following the appropriate steps under Proposal Sections and Items.

  1. On the Proposal Summary component, select the Item Pricing quick link.

  2. The Price Proposal Items component contains an accordion list of all the sections in the proposal. WisDOT proposals typically only contain one section, Section Group 0001. Proposal items without a section are listed in a collapsible panel at the bottom of the list.
    1. Each row represents one section and displays the section ID, description, and the number of proposal items contained in the section.
    2. Expand a section row to display a list of all the items in the section. For proposal items without a section, the section row displays 'None' and 'No Proposal Section' as the section ID and description. All WisDOT proposal must have items in a section.
    3. Use this tool to review items to ensure they are combined correctly and that you don’t have any duplicates of the same item with a different price or supplemental description.

  3. To locate a specific proposal item, enter criteria in the Quick Find search box. The system displays rows of items that match your search criteria. Each item row displays an actions menu and current values for the following fields:
    • Prop Line Number
    • Item
    • Description
    • Unit
    • Supplemental Description
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Extended Amount
    • Comments
    • Estimate Type
    • Bid Required
    • Price Comparison

  4. To manually change the price of a proposal item
    • Expand the 0001 Proposal Section to see a list of all the proposal items.
    • Locate the item to change. Click on item action button and select "Price Item", click in the Price field and enter the new price.
    • Click <Save>.

      Info: Go to Project Item Pricing to price an entire category or project.

  5. If changes were made to any items including the addition or deletion of items from the proposal, delete the proposal section and auto generate sections again by following the appropriate steps under Proposal Sections and Items.

Go to Proposal Location Summary, the next step under Creating a Proposal for PSE Submittal.