Creating a Proposal

Last updated: 2021-04-27

At this point, designers should have all entries for their project estimate completed, including categories, items, road segments, structure segments, and funding. All the projects to be associated with the proposal should be in the WisDOT Project Definition workflow phase. The proposal can now be created, and the project estimate(s) associated to the proposal for the submission of PSE.

Info: Throughout the AWP Preconstruction system, we reference the “PS&E” process but use “PSE” in our documentation. The AWP Preconstruction system does not recognize many special characters including the “&” sign. Since the system doesn’t recognize this special character, we exclude it from all our documentation and reference “PSE”.

  1. From the Project Summary window of the controlling project (normally the lowest project ID for this proposal), click the Project Summary component actions button and select "Create Proposal".


    Search for the controlling project (the lowest project ID for this proposal) from the Project Overview component. Select the Open Row Actions Menu | Create Proposal From Project.

  2. On the Add Proposal component, update the fields to establish the proposal record using the table below for guidance:
  3. Required Fields Required Data Entry
    Proposal ID

    The proposal ID is the project number with an uppercase C as the first character. The format is C####-##-## where ####-##-## is the controlling project ID. If there is more than one project associated to the proposal, select the lowest project number for the proposal number. A proposal must still be created even if there is only one project for the contract.

    Examples: Projects 1234-15-71 and 1311-01-72 will be associated to proposal C1234-15-71.


    Warning: If the proposal ID is entered incorrectly (e.g., missing the "C" prefix, missing hyphens, etc.), contact the AWP System Administrators immediately so the incorrect proposal ID can be deleted.

    Proposal Description

    The Proposal Description defaults to the project description of the controlling project. The proposal cannot be saved if the proposal description is over 60 characters. See the example error message below received when attempting to save the proposal. Designers may need to edit the description field abbreviating some words.

    Error: No rows saved; detected rows with errors. Please review messages below.

    • Proposal Description: Invalid value 'Holmes Road, Town of Gibson East Twin River Bridge and Approaches'; maximum length of 60 exceeded. (custom rule)
    Federal Project Number

    Imported from and must match FIIPS. Based on what appears in FIIPs, enter the following information:

    • WISC prefix followed by the federal project number.
    • WISC prefix without the federal project number if it does not appear in FIIPS.
    • If this field is blank in FIIPS, enter “N/A”. This project may not be federally funded.
    BPD Proposal Management Section staff will update this field during the PSE plan review process.
    State Project Number The Construction Project ID from FIIPS. The state project number will normally be the controlling project (lowest project ID) if there are multiple projects associated to the proposal.
    Contract Type Select “LET – Let Contract”.
    Type of Funding Select a funding type from the drop-down list that represents the highest percentage funding source. If the proposal contains a project with a Federal Project Number, select "FED" for the funding type.

  4. Click <Save>.

Go to Proposal Summary, the next step under Creating a Proposal for PSE Submittal.