Item Pricing

Last updated: 2018-11-01

The Price Project Item Overview component allows designers to change the estimated unit price for any project item and can be used for estimate justifications in the future. Designers can change the price of a single item manually or automatically generate a price based on historical bids. Designers can also generate bid-based prices automatically for all the items in a category or the entire project. Creating an estimate with bid-based prices is usually done in the early estimation process. Prices are then refined for the final estimate.

Price All Items within the Project

To price all the items in the project using the bid history, click the Price Project Item Overview component action button and select "Save and Price All Items".


Price All Items within a Category

To price all the items in a single category using the bid history, click the category component action button and select "Save and Price Category".


Price an Individual Item

To price an individual item using the bid history, expand the category, click the item row action button, and select "Price Item". After reviewing the pricing change, click <Save>.


Manually Update the Price on an Individual Item

To price an individual item manually, expand the category, expand the item and enter the new item price. The Est Type will change to Ad Hoc. Click <Save>.

For the automated pricing options, the system updates the value(s) in the Price field and changes the Est Type to Ad-Hoc, Regression or Average, depending on which estimation model is chosen. The Ext Amount and Project Item Total fields are also automatically updated. If no historical information is available for an item, the system updates the price field with the reference price and changes the Est Type to Reference. If reference price information is also not available, the system leaves the price as it was.

Est Type (Pricing method) Description
Ad-Hoc Priced manually using the estimator's ability to determine item prices.
Average A simple or weighted average of historical bid prices.
Reference A set or quoted price established for the item.
Regression Generated from a regression analysis of historical bid prices.

Scatter Plots

WisDOT maintains historical bid data within our BAMS/DSS system. Data from the last three years is used to create item pricing information and Scatter Plots. A Scatter Plot is a graphical representation of price versus quantity derived from past bid prices for a given bid item. Designers can complete the following steps to open a Scatter Plot:

  1. Expand the Category.
  2. Click the item row action button.
  3. Select "Open Scatter Plot" to view the scatter plot created for that item. If the item has historical quantity information, the scatter plot is opened in a new browser window.
  4. Tip: This feature is only available to internal WisDOT staff because of firewall rule exceptions implemented in 2018 by the Wisconsin Department of Administration. The exceptions are not allowing external traffic to access the WisDOT DSS workstation which stores this historic data.

Info: For more information on scatter plot usage, go to Analyzing Price Versus Quantity in the AASHTOWare Projectâ„¢ online system help.

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