Item Data Fields Table

Last updated: 2019-03-06

Field Required Description
Item ID Yes A unique ID assigned to each item in the Reference Item list.
Project Item Supp Description Yes

Required if the Supplemental Description Required states “Yes”. Enter an 80 character maximum supplemental description in mixed case beginning with a two digit numeric prefix and increment this prefix with each description under the project.

Examples: 01. Description, 02. Description.
Supplemental Description Required System generated This flag denotes if a supplemental description is required.
Unit of Measure System generated Autofilled field based on the Item ID chosen.
Quantity Yes Enter item quantity. The quantity for a Lump Sum item MUST equal 1.
Project Item Unit Price Yes Unit price of the item.
Extended Amount System generated Automatically calculated based on Quantity x Project Item Unit Price.
Price Lock Flag No A check box used to prevent the estimated price from being changed by the Generate Bid Based Prices process.
Low Cost Flag No If the value is “Yes”, this item contributes to the low cost total in an estimate or bid. If the value is “No”, category alternate sets will be used.
Bid Requirement Code No, unless the item requires a fixed, minimum, or maximum price

The item will have a bid requirement for the bidder of one of the following types:
Fixed = Pre-established Price Items list
Maximum = The maximum price that can be bid for this item.
Minimum = The minimum price that can be bid for this item.
If minimum and maximum prices are used, designers MUST fill in the Project Item Unit Price Comparison field.

Project Item Unit Price Comparison No Required field if the Bid Requirement Code is set to Minimum or Maximum. A minimum or maximum bid amount is required for this item.
Category ID Yes

Select the appropriate Category ID for this item.

Project Item Previous Price No This field can be used to record a previous project item price. Used for historical purposes.
Non-Bid No Not required.
Combine with Like Items Yes An indicator that the project item should be combined with like items at the proposal level.
Item Alternate Set ID No Not used at WisDOT at this time.
Alternate Member ID No Not used at WisDOT at this time.
Estimation Type No Autofill field that is used to identify the price source for the item.
Major Item No This field is completed by the Plan Reviewers. It is used to note which items should appear on the Advertisement.
Proposal Item Line Number System generated System generated field that begins with 0002 and increments by 2.
Pricing Comments No Enter comments for item pricing justification.
Lump Sum System generated Autofill field based on Item ID chosen.
Bid as Lump Sum System generated Autofill field based on Item ID chosen.
SPV Item Classification Yes Required field ONLY if the item is an SPV item. Standard bid items and ".S" items already have an item classification already assigned to them.
Select the appropriate item classification for the item from the dropdown list. Item classification is used to group items together for reporting purposes. (Code Table: ITEMCLS)
  • Items are reordered upon saving the changes, by item ID and supplemental description, within each category. This will also occur when entering multiple like items (e.g. SPV.0060) within the same category.
  • The items are renumbered on the estimate after saving item ID changes, additions, and deletions.