Pre-established Price Items

Last updated: 2020-06-08

Below is a list of items required pre-established prices. Be sure to insert the pre-established price for these items in your AASHTOWare Project Estimates. Missing this step causes addenda. Also ensure that the “Fixed” Bid Requirement Code value is selected on the item detail screen.

Item Description Price
108.3100.S Incentive/Disincentive for Interim Completion of Work (Establish pre-determined cost per day)  
460.2000 Incentive Density HMA Pavement $1.00
460.2005 Incentive Density PWL HMA Pavement $1.00
460.2007 Incentive Density HMA Pavement Longitudinal Joints $1.00
460.2010 Incentive Air Voids HMA Pavement $1.00
715.0415 Incentive Strength Concrete Pavement $1.00
715.0502 Incentive Strength Concrete Structures $1.00
715.0603 Incentive Strength Concrete Barrier $1.00
715.0710 Optimized Aggregate Gradation Incentive $1.00
740.0440 Incentive IRI Ride $1.00
740.0502 Incentive IRI Ride Bridge $1.00
ASP.1T0A On-the-Job Training Apprentice at $5.00/HR $5.00
ASP.1T0G On-the-Job Training Graduate at $5.00/HR $5.00