Changing the Project Summary

Last updated: 2020-05-28

  1. After initial system logon and role selection within AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction, select the Projects hyperlink from your dashboard.

  2. Search for and select your project. See Search Features for details.

  3. The Project Summary component will appear.

    1. The project opens up in the General tab. Complete the required fields using the field tool tips or the Project Summary Data Fields Table for guidance. Please confirm the data entered is correct. It MUST match the project information in the Financial Integrated Improvement Programming System (FIIPS) with the exception of case. All data entry will be in mixed case (upper and lower letters). If you do not have access to FIIPS, contact your project manager for the FIIPs information for your project(s).
    2. Click <Save>.

Requirement: The Designer Region Office and Construction Region Office fields should match the information found in the Plan Letter. See FDM 19-10-15 for more details.

  • DO NOT change wording of the project description that is imported from FIIPS. The FIIPS Import Project process changes the case from all caps to Mixed Case AND inserts a semicolon between the title and project limit. This data field is updated periodically from FIIPS and any changes will be overwritten.
  • Throughout the AWP Preconstruction system, we reference the “PS&E” process but use “PSE” in our documentation. The AWP Preconstruction system does not recognize many special characters including the “&” sign. Since the system doesn’t recognize this special character, we exclude it from all our documentation and reference “PSE

Go to Setting the WisDOT Workflow to the Project Definition Phase, the next step under Creating an Estimate in Preconstruction.