Category Data Fields Table

Last updated: 2020-04-30

Field Required Description
Category ID Yes The standard naming convention for all categories is a 4 digit number that is incremented by 10 (i.e. 0010, 0020, 0030...). Enter Category Numbers as shown in FIIPS.
Combine Like Categories Yes Must be checked. Used so that items get rolled up at the project and proposal level.
Section Group Yes Automatically defaults to “0001” for new categories. When projects are associated to a proposal, the section group is used to combine all the bid items into one proposal section for the contractor to bid on. Check this field to ensure the value is "0001".
EC Percent No

By default, the category level EC Percent will assume the project level EC Percent on project reports. It is not necessary to enter a value at the category level unless it differs from the project level. If the category EC Percent needs to be different from the project level EC Percent, contact your planning section for further guidance and enter the new EC Percent at the category level.

Warning: Do not enter a value of 0 for the EC Percent. Either enter a valid percentage greater than zero or leave blank. Invalid values cause errors on the detail estimate reports.

Low Cost Flag No If the value is “Yes”, this category contributes to the low cost total in an estimate or bid. If the value is “No”, category alternate sets will be used.
Unit Number Yes Automatically defaults to “000” for new categories. Used to group categories for the Funding Summary report. Check this field to ensure the value is "000".
Unit Description No Not used at WisDOT.
Category Description Yes Enter the Category Description that appears in FIIPS in mixed case.
Category Alternate Set ID No The Category Alternate Set ID is created under the Category Alternate Sets component tab. The ID is then associated with the category on the Categories component tab. This is only required in situations for alternate bidding.
Category Alternate Member ID No If alternate bidding will be used, this is a required identifier for the category alternate code.
Life Cycle Cost No Not used at WisDOT.
Category Work Class Yes

Select the appropriate category work class from the drop-down list. (Code Table: CWRKCLS)

BRCN Bridge Construction
LAND Landscaping
MISC Miscellaneous Work
P Planning
PENG Preliminary Engineering
R Research
RDCN Roadway Construction
TAM Traffic and Maintenance
UTIL Utilities
Federal Work Category Yes

Select the appropriate Federal Work Category code from the drop-down list.
The Federal Work Category code is equivalent to the Federal Improvement Type code in FIIPS.
The Federal Improvement Type code is listed for each category on the FIIPS - Category Funding Summary screen.
Refer to the Federal Work Category Table for guidance and a complete list of codes. (Code Table: FEDWTYP)

Federal Construction Class Yes Select the appropriate federal construction class from the drop-down list. The Federal Construction Class must be the same in each category within a project. (Code Table: FEDCCLS)
LETLET Project Items
NLETNON-LET Project Items (LFA, PBM)